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Publication List


Various publications can be found on Researchgate:



See also papers on Technical Acoustics


Some of my publications can be downloaded here:


Hugo Meier-Thur – Synesthesia and life in black and white

(3.2 MB)

Can Synesthetic Perception help to define Attractive Product Design?

(1.1 MB)

Effects of Material Touch Sounds on Perceived Quality of Surfaces

(3.9 MB)

Visualizing Auditory Perception: Correlations, Concepts, Synesthesia

(260 kB)

Visual Aspects of Auditory Perception

(2.1 MB)

Synesthetic Design and Sound Quality

(145 kB)




Synesthetic Perception and Design                          (German, short)

(174 kB)

Synesthetic Perception and Design                    (German, extended)

(706 kB)

Coupling of auditory and visual Perception                        (German)

(261 kB)

Audio-visual Coupling and Perception of Sound-Scapes

(249 kB)

Motion as Origin of Music - Alexander Truslits Studies on Music Perception                                                                     (German)

(244 kB)

Cross-sensory Interaction during Perception of a complex Environment


(553 kB)






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