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Historical Impressions:

„Farbe-Ton-Forschungen I“, Anschütz                       „Komposition in Blau“, motion picture by Fischinger

                  landscape painted by  Rimington                                            László’s „Farblichtmusik“

                                                              musical painting by Klausz                       "Bellyache" by Gahlbeck


Synesthesia means the capability of the perceptual system to induce perception within one sensual modality by stimulation of a different sensual area. Similar phenomena are pronounced at relatively few individuals, but show a characteristic permanence. Often the phenomenon of visual perception caused by auditory stimulation is described (color(ed) hearing). Fixed coupling of different properties of one sensual area can also occur. A typical example is color perception induced by visual stimulation by an abstract, uncolored figure, like a character (coupling of shape and color).


The papers and examples collected on this website illuminate the phenomenon of synesthesia, but also consider the widespread capabilities of inter-modal coupling via analogies, concrete association, multi-sensual symbolism and conscious generation of rules (e.g. by means of “mathematic-physical coupling”). This enables development of numerous fields of application, like sound design and perception of soundscapes, multisensory design of products and interfaces, coupling of music and the fine arts, and many others.





Publications on Synesthesia & Multi-Sensory Design