Synesthesia, Design, Fine Arts and Music


Elements of Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem Eine Alpensinfonie, op. 64, released in 1915, are referred to by abstract paintings of pure aesthetics of music, in combination with associative cues and free allusions to history, nature, and modern life. According to the partition of the symphonic poem with appropriate titles, the cycle of art objects includes 22 frames sized 26.8 x 26.8 cm. Each frame combines a small painting, an alienated photo, and various objects which refer to the particular motto of each musical section.

1. Nacht : night

Moskvoretskaya Embankment

quill, paper

2. Sonnenaufgang : sunrise

Historic bulb in Greenfield Village

flacons with fragrance

3. Der Anstieg : the ascent

Escalator in Kraków

oak, vessel

4. Eintritt in den Wald : entry into the forest

Vaccination center in Köln

bark eroded by bark-beetles

5. Wanderung neben dem Bache : wandering by the brook

Archimedes' screws in Hannoversch Münden


6. Am Wasserfall : at the waterfall

Pump station in Sipplingen

toothbrush, soap, sponge

7. Erscheinung : apparition

Horns in Schloss Moritzburg


8. Auf blumigen Wiesen : on flowering meadows

Concert audience in Köln

rose petals, cord

9. Auf der Alm : on the alp

Alp farm near Oberstdorf

milk packings, composition leather advert cow

10. Durch Dickicht und Gestrüpp auf Irrwegen : meandering through thickets and undergrowth

Closed steel mill in Duisburg


11. Auf dem Gletscher : on the glacier

Brown coal mining in Hambach (still active)

ice cube tray


12. Gefahrvolle Augenblicke : dangerous moments

First aid room Fort Schoenenbourg

blister packages

13. Auf dem Gipfel : on the summit

Nebelhorn summit

cinder, scrap metal

14. Vision : vision

Foyer at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Souvenir of old television tower Stuttgart,  netting for packaging

15. Nebel steigen auf : mists rise

Skyline Frankfurt

feather boa

16. Die Sonne verdüstert sich allmählich : the sun gradually becomes obscured

Historic bedroom of a colonial style house in Yokohama

Orchid blossoms, headless butterfly (red admiral)

17. Elegie : elegy

Allgäu chapel and landscape

madonna in a cartridge (WWI), refugee badge of my mother, POW badge of my father (WWII)

18. Stille vor dem Sturm : calm before the storm

Cleaning work in Klespe

compasses, musical mechanism with the theme of the Internationale, felt

19. Gewitter und Sturm, Abstieg : thunderstorm and tempest, descent

Westwall bunker (WWII) near Böllenborn

oak, naval force register with red crosses marking sunken ships (WWI)

20. Sonnenuntergang : sunset

Street light in Maastricht

Jaybird feather, strange object from egypt

21. Ausklang : quiet settles / epilogue

Conference party in Saint Petersburg

corks, toothpicks, crown caps

22. Nacht : night

Bird's eye view of Tokyo

remains of acrylic paint, brush

Acrylic on canvas, photoprints, objects - 26.8 x 26.8 x 5 cm

Michael Haverkamp 2021/22