Synesthesia, Design, Fine Arts and Music


Multisensory Perception and Synesthesia

Synesthesia means the capability of the perceptual system to induce perception within one sensual modality by stimulation of a different sensual area. Similar phenomena are pronounced at relatively few individuals, but show a characteristic permanence. Often the phenomenon of visual perception caused by auditory stimulation is described (as color(ed) hearing). In principle, synesthesia can occur between all senses. Such connections are also observed within one sensory space. In that manner, numbers and letters can get an additional color during a process of visual perception or imagination.  

Applications in the Arts and Design

My papers and artwork mentioned of reproduces on this website illuminate phenomena of synesthesia, but also consider the widespread capabilities of cross-sensory connections via correspondences, associations/iconicity, multi-sensory symbolism and conscious generation of rules (e.g. with reference to physical parameters or algorithms). This enables development of numerous fields of application, like sound design and perception of soundscapes, multi-sensory design of products and interfaces, virtual environments, correlation of music and the fine arts, and many others.