Synesthesia, Design, Fine Arts and Music


Multisensory Perception and Synesthesia

Synesthesia means the capability of the perceptual system to induce perception within one sensual modality by stimulation of a different sensual area. Similar phenomena are pronounced at relatively few individuals, but show a characteristic permanence. Often the phenomenon of visual perception caused by auditory stimulation is described (as color(ed) hearing). In principle, synesthesia can occur between all senses. Such connections are also observed within one sensory space. In that manner, numbers and letters can get an additional color during a process of visual perception or imagination. 

Applications in the Arts and Design

My papers and artwork mentioned of reproduces on this website illuminate phenomena of synesthesia, but also consider the widespread capabilities of cross-sensory connections via correspondences, associations/iconicity, multi-sensory symbolism and conscious generation of rules (e.g. with reference to physical parameters or algorithms). This enables development of numerous fields of application, like sound design and perception of soundscapes, multi-sensory design of products and interfaces, virtual environments, correlation of music and the fine arts, and many others. 


Recent Publications

Auditory perception and the subjective representation of time. Proc. Euronoise 2021 E-Congress. Sociedade Portuguesa de Acústica (SPA), 2021, 452-60.

Verfahren zur auditiven und visuellen Darstellung der Klangfarbenvariabilität historischer Flöten. Annual Conference DAGA 2021, Vienna. Berlin: DEGA, 2021, 516-9. (German)

Der Lärm der anderen – Die Krise des Verursacherprinzips. Annual Conference DAGA 2021, Vienna. Berlin: DEGA, 2021, 955-8. (German)

Synästhetische Wahrnehmung und das Visuelle in der Musik des Barock. In: Hock, Klaus und Klie, Thomas (Hg.): Bachzitate: Widerhall und Spiegelung. Übergänge zwischen Klang und Bild im Anschluss an Bach. Bielefeld: transcript, 2021, 217-54. 

Light, color and motion as crossmodal elements of Baroque music. e-Forum Acusticum 2020, Lyon, France, 2099-106. DOI 10.48465/fa.2020.0021 

Adjustment of soft sounds in cars for multisensory harmony. Inter-Noise 2020 e-Conference, Seoul, Korea.

Light, Color and Motion as Crossmodal Elements of Baroque Music. In: Kolyadenko, N. et. al. (eds.): Synesthesia in Music. History, Theory, Practice. Collection of Scientific Articles. Issue 3. Novosibirsk: Glinka State Conservatoire, 2020, 231-46 (English), 246-62 (Russian). 

Impetus and challenges of synesthetic music painting. In: Jörg Jewanski, Sean A. Day, Saleh Siddiq, Michael Haverkamp, Christoph Reuter (Eds.): Music and Synesthesia. Abstracts from a Conference in Vienna, scheduled for July 3-5, 2020 (cancelled). Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster, Reihe XVIII, Band 14. Dortmund: readbox unipress, 2020, 35-41.

at the same place: Particles of sound. 51-6.


Book Review: Sabine von Fischer: Das akustische Argument. Wissenschaft und Hörerfahrung in der Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts (Zürich, gta Verlag 2019). KUNSTCHRONIK, 73/5, May 2020, 236-41. 

see also in: Akustik Journal 02/20, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik DEGA, 70-3.

Auditive Wahrnehmung und die subjektive Repräsentation der Zeit. Annual Conference DAGA 2020. Berlin: DEGA, 2020, 728-31.



Anton V. Sidoroff-Dorso, Sean A. Day, and Jörg Jewanski (Eds.): Synaesthesia; Opinions and Perspectives - 30 Interviews with Leading Scientists, Artists and Synaesthetes. Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster, Reihe VIII, Band 5, Dortmund: readbox unipress, 2020, pp. 278-287.

Current Presentations 

Klangfarben-Variabilität von Blockflöten aus Renaissance und Barock - Vortrag


Was heißt und zu welchem Ende brauchen wir Philosophie in der Akustik? - Beitrag zu einer Podiumsdiskussion

48. Jahrestagung für Akustik

21.-24. 3. 2022 Stuttgart 


Synästhesie und Typografie


2. 6. 2021   18:00 Uhr

Hochschule Mainz    University of Applied Sciences    /   on-line

Synästhetische Kunst 

Kunstraum Kaynak, Mierendorffplatz 6 

10589 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Sonnabend 31. Juli, 21 - 24 Uhr 

Sonntag 1. August, 10 - 18 Uhr

Richard Strauss 

Eine Alpensinfonie

1. Nacht


Verfahren zur auditiven und visuellen Darstellung der Klangfarbenvariabilität historischer Flöten.


Der Lärm der anderen – Die Krise des Verursacherprinzips.


15. - 18. August 2021, Wien   /   hybrid

The Role of Iconicity of Sound within the Multisensory Environment

Conference on Sound Perception (CSP) 

3. - 5. September 2021

Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan

Introduction to Musical Acoustics

Ignaz Kögler Research Camp in Acoustics

28. September 2021

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt


Auditory perception and the subjective representation of time

Haptisches Feedback: Perzeptive und messtechnische Aspekte

Fachtagung Haptisches Feedback & Printed Electronics 

will be rescheduled in 2022 !

Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

Karolinenstraße 8   58507 Lüdenscheid


Contribution to Art Exhibition


October 11, 2020

10am - 6pm

Kunsthof "Die Bergschmiede" 

Pfeuferstraße 38 81373 München


Adjustment of soft sounds in cars for multisensory harmony 

49th International Congress on Noise Control Engineering, Seoul 


August 23-26, 2020



Keynote: Impetus and challenge of synesthetic music painting

Portrait: Synesthete Visual Artists - Personal Insights

Moderation of evening event with Johannes Deutsch (Vienna): Visualising Classical Music

Conference: Music and Synesthesia. Universität Wien, Hörsaal 1/2, July 3-5, 2020, Vienna, Austria

Cancelled    Book of abstracts published!

Vision Mahler (Screenshot),

Johannes Deutsch



Light, Color and Motion as Crossmodal Elements of Baroque Music

Soft sounds within Quiet Cars – Design with Respect to Subjective Intensity of Sounds

Forum Acusticum 2020, Lyon

postponed to Dec 7-11, 2020 



Auditive Wahrnehmung und die subjektive Repräsentation der Zeit

46. Jahrestagung für Akustik, March 16-19, 2020, Hannover Congress Centrum HCC 

Conference has been cancelled - proceedings are available.